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Knowledge in new age domains

Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloud Computing
Digital Marketing

Working with world class partnerships

Gain Placements for your students

We connect our network of western tech firms with the best performing engineering students to gain internships and placements
"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion

Grow an additional revenue stream

By extending your classroom to the KIMO learning platform, your university opens up another revenue stream to support your tuition fees
"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Enhance your college's reputation

Tap into KIMO's large network of tech companies to bring your students and advanced learning experience
"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion

Smooth onboarding ensures no surprises







KIMO holds a virtual or in person kick off with your university, hosting sessions with students, faculty and administrators.

For 2 months, KIMO gets a chance to prove the platform value by offering your students and faculty full access to the platform with initial program implmentation.

KIMO and your university solidify the partnership by signing a long term, mutually agreed, contract that continues to build on the pilot program and deepens to partnership through course creation and curriculum integration

Move from wonder to knowledge with AI driven tools

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Bookmark your favourite content to easily access it again in the future

Domain News

Stay on top of your favourite domains developments with the latest news articles

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Access to the best best knowledge content
Live webinars from industry experts
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"I can't believe how much easier Unicorns made our lives. We're saving so much time with their automated tracking!"
-Rudra Ghosh
CEO, Vermillion
"Our customer service rating has improved so much ever since we adopted Unicorns. The smooth integrations and easy tracking system has shortened ticket response times considerably."
-Pritom Rani
VP Sales, Cobalt
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132 user rating

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