KIMO is a friendly AI assistant that aids people in their self-development. The basic system was built by Krishna Deepak Nallamilli (CTO), and Rens ter Weijde (CEO), who met in Harvard Business School and shared the same worries about the lack of human development towards the AI-era. The story of why we built what we did, you can find below. Let’s start with the two founders.

Krishna has been vice-chairman at Aditya in India, a renowned learning institute with over 70,000 students. In his role, he experienced the difficulty for students to compete in the future world directly: there is a lot to learn, and only so many hours in a day. The old ‘classroom model’ of learning felt inadequate to address future learning needs of the workforce, and he dreamed of building a personalized learning mentor which would be driven by machine learning to optimize this process. He could clearly see the potential here due to his background in computer science and experience with machine learning.

Rens has worked as a strategy consultant (McKinsey, Purpose+) for 8 years in The Netherlands, and served over 75 clients in his life as a consultant. He successfully founded Purpose+ and published two books around corporate transformations. In his journeys as a consultant driving corporate transformations, he found the lack of successful re-skilling of the workforce to be one of the largest hurdles for corporate transformations to succeed. He feared that in preparing for an AI-driven world – where new skillsets, countries and business models become dominate – this could become a serious pain point. Like Krishna, he dreamed of a better, more engaging, way to re-train our population for the AI-era. He came to the same conclusion as Krishna did, working with a different target audience and on another continent.

When Krishna and Rens met in Boston during their studies, their mutual interests came to light. They decided to partner up using the strengths on both sides. Krishna would lead the development team in India, Rens would lead the front-end in The Netherlands. This set-up, although geographically far apart, would give Krishna direct access to his talent pool where Rens kept direct access to the client base in Western Europe.

Long story short: in May 2019 we will be ready to launch our first AI solution for better human development. Our first solution (PA) will focus on better time management. Later this year, we will also go live with our learning solutions.


Rens ter Weijde

Former strategy consultant turned AI-enthusiast. Has tried to study all the online courses available in the world and got halfway before realizing it didn't make any sense.

rens@kimo.ai Linkedin

Krishna Deepak Nallamilli

As Vice Chairman of one of the largest Indian education groups and coder, Krishna realized that AI could solve the some of the inherent problems of education.

krishna@kimo.ai Linkedin


Evangelos Karakasis

A computer vision and data scientist with engineering background and PhD in image processing and pattern recognition.

Kyriakos Toulgaridis

An electrical & computer engineer fixated with AI and human-machine interaction. Has gained a large number of skills via self-learning and now works to see it done the right way.

Gabriela Alexandru

Master’s student in language technology at Gothenburg University, fascinated about how machines process and understand human language.

Azlaan Samad

A mathematics enthusiast with recent found love for AI.

Khasmamad Shabanovi

A computer engineering student with ever-growing passion for Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Nicholas Santavas

Engineer and philosopher pursuing a PhD in computer vision, with a core interest in human-computer interaction.

Advisory board

Hein Knaapen

An experienced Chief HR Officer with a track record of capability building that is tightly linked to company value creation, Hein has invested much of his own capability in creating the conditions for a company to become truly nimble.


Jim Cowles
CEO Citibank EMEA

Jim has spent almost 4 decades in the banking industry, and was CEO of Europe, Middle East, and Africa for Citi until end 2018. Jim has recently established the Civil Discourse Foundation, an organisation focused on the promotion of reasonable and rational dialogue regarding issues such as immigration, health care, tax reform and universal basic income.


Arne Gast
Leader Org Practice Asia-Pacific, McKinsey

Partner and Leader of the Organisation Practice in McKinsey Asia-Pacific. Founder of Aberkyn. Expert on the human side of corporate transformations.


Suzana Delanghe

An Educational Leader with a deep knowledge of the K-12, Post-secondary and Adult Education market dynamics, with decades of experience improving education by harnessing technology. Convinced by the potential of AI to radically transform education as we know it today and dramatically provide more equitable and fair opportunities to all learners.


Sudhir Chepeni
Director Software Development Aspen

A Technology leader with decades of experience in building enterprise-scale software products and providing product development leadership, mentorship at start-ups and multinational public corporations.


Floris van Alkemade

Co-founder and partner of 4 venture capital funds with a focus on early stage technology companies. Active angel investor and advisor to social impact companies.

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