KIMO raises €3 million EUR

Rens ter Weijde
March 28, 2022

KIMO raises €3 million EUR

December 1st, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

KIMO, the Dutch AI start-up focused on personalized education in tech domains such as AI, Blockchain and Cloud Computing, today announced closing a €3 million ($3.48mln USD) funding round. The round comes thirteen months after an initial round of €1.25 million ($1.45mln USD) closed in September last year. The round was led by two Dutch investors.

"The trends in the last 2 years have emphasized the need for digital upskilling. This is a global trend, with EdTech in some markets growing 50% year on year. That said, online learning today doesn’t work as well as it should, as a lack of engagement is still a big problem in online learning environments. In KIMO, we believe the gamechanger will be personalized education – made possible by the AI revolution – which aims to serve the user exactly the right content at the right time."

- Rens ter Weijde, CEO, KIMO

On the demand side, the focus will be on working more closely with local OEMs, telcos, and partners in the education space, allowing KIMO to scale more efficiently to the point of ‘critical mass’. Recent announcements include a partnership with Jio, the largest telco in India, and Huawei, the largest telco globally. Last year the firm already announced being part of startup programs at Google, Nvidia, Microsoft and Amazon. These partnerships will facilitate scaling and the acquisition of new users, providing KIMO with unprecedented dataset of actual online learning behavior. This data allows further improvements to the AI models behind the recommendations.

⁠On the supply side, the company will continue to work on adding more high-quality content sources to its platform. Next to working with online course providers, KIMO also recently announced working with Packt, a publisher in the technology space. A recent addition on the supply side is attracting domain experts, both to share their personal recommendations as well as to host live sessions with the KIMO community. ⁠

For more information about the funding round, please reach out to Rens at ⁠⁠For potential interviews, podcasts, articles, please reach out to the team.

Click here for the KIMO press kit.

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