KIMO School is a collaborative partnership with Aditya Educational Institutions, where each year three groups of 30 Computer Science undergraduate students can participate in a 3-month speed course on Machine Learning. Students will be selected based on academic performance, a coding/algorithm competition and a personality profile. The best students will receive an offer from KIMO to join the team.

Topics handled in KIMO School:

  • JavaScript, Python, MySQL languages
  • Database management systems like MySQL, MongoDb
  • Front-end frameworks like Vuejs, NodeJs
  • Advanced data science (Numpy, Scipy etc.)
  • Machine Learning packages like TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch


Students will be evaluated through a small project every 15 days, and a capstone project after 75 days per team. The capstone project has to relate to an actual business problem and solve it via machine learning.

For applications to KIMO School, please reach out directly to Krishna at



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