Strategy Design

Artificial intelligence is a technology with many faces. Set to deliver 15,7 trillion USD in additional value (14% increase on global GDP today!) in 2030, there are few technologies like it. But, when a technology is this comprehensive in its scope, making decisions is not easy.

Combining perspectives is key. From a developer perspective, it has never been easier to build intelligent predictive algorithms through platforms like TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch. As a business strategist, embracing machine learning solutions provides ample investment opportunities, ranging from enhanced automation of supply chains to better sales and marketing through personalization. From a societal perspective, however, AI might look scary and prone to increase inequality and job losses. Strategic decision making in the realm of AI takes these perspectives into account to come to the right solutions.

We support our clients in their strategic decision making around AI via our top-tier consultants (HBS, McK). Projects generally consist of a combination of AI-readiness scans, research into high-value investments areas, and strategic recommendations, as well as leading the necessary board discussions. If this sounds interesting, reach out to us for more information.

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